Friday, 13 August 2010


I've been meaning to mention this resource/all round wonderful thing to you for some time but always put it off as I never feel I have the time to write a post to do it justice. This post won't do it justice but it would be more wrong to keep it from you any longer. In June a new Webzine, SomethingDark or SDk was launched.

SDk aims to take full advantage of an innovative format to deliver its avant-garde mix of dark glamour and eroticism in photography, art and edgy fiction; of poignant nonfiction and criticism; and of exhibition, film and book reviews – all in the social, political and economic context of today’s disturbed world.

SDk additionally strives to be a valuable resource and, concerned with the world around us, is also a forum for re-assessing what is of value in contemporary society.

SDk seeks to be innovative and truly does offer a new format. In some respects it does take some getting used to and it's easy to miss some of the fabulous content tucked away. Unlike most news, magazine- and journal-style websites, which depart from their print-published counterparts in format, look and feel because they were developed with by-now conventional website design in mind, SDk has been developed with the format, look and feel of a print magazine. Yet, being fully html-coded – indeed, pushing that technology to the limit – it also offers the full dynamism of the Internet, especially in a complex system of internal linking, that flash sites cannot deliver.

Check it out here.

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