Friday, 17 September 2010

George Michael and Representations of the Self

My belated thoughts of the imprisonment of George Michael.


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Sean Hennelly said...

This is something that interests me in that he has been a very central figure in the press in relation to public sex, and was of course discussed in my article. My thought on this is that is depends on how the public sex stuff is mentioned, and whether it is linked to the driving offences.

It seems to me that the other stuff will inevitably be mentioned. If for example Fred Goodwin crashed his car while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, I'm sure that his negative press would be brought up with regards the banking crisis and RBS. However, I think that some press reports on the George Michael incarceration have sought to draw a link between the two acts, as you allude to in your audio link. This is where the press step over the mark. Of course, the press have in the past linked alcohol and substance abuse to public sex, so it may be that they are trying (wrongly) to follow this angle.

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