Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Shut Your Hole

Chi Chi LaRue - the porn director and campaigner has fired another salvo in the bareback porn wars with the video below. It features various porn stars telling people to "shut your hole" or for those trying to maintain their 'hard man' (bad pun, sorry) image, "shut your fucking hole". It's a good idea but just doesn't seem to work. Unfortunately most of the performers seem incredibly wooden (sorry again) and I do fear for those who think they could be actors. A particular joy is the guy who does it in a William Shatner style - I hope this is deliberate. Watch it below.

LaRue also popped up at the weekend (and I get the impression this vid was meant to appear) at the JRL gay porn awards. It seems that LaRue was sort of set up with presenting a bareback award which she realsied at the last minute and stormed off. It seems equally possible given the general shambles of the awards that it was just bad communication (especially given what the voice over says). It led to the crazy situation of LaRue still being heard having a tantrum a little later after flouncing off and the porn performers who came to present awards were left (rather stupidly) shouting "safe sex" at random moments through their presentation (while Treasure Island Media won awards). Utter shambles. Utterly hilarious. Check it out below.

Actually presenting a bareback award to Treasure Island Media while shouting "safe sex" and a safe sex diva has an outburst behind a glittery curtain seems ever so appropriate.

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