Sunday, 31 October 2010

Europe + 'Sexual Deviants' = Telegraph Breakdown

The Telegraph carried a story yesterday that was a good old fashioned right-of-centre horror story. They reported that the European Commission has spent £124,000 on a five day conference 'for 200 homosexual, bisexual, transgender and "intersex" activists'.

Obviously images abound of orgies and grapes being served from an intersex activists naval at Telegraph Towers. They were probably also engaging in languages other than English. A true Halloween image for Telegraph readers.

OK, the price does seem remarkably steep especially if there was no income (conference fees etc), however, the idea of the event was a sound one. To explore and educate in an area that is still subject to so much ignorance. The Telegraph's branding of session titles as 'baffling' is an argument to fund these sort of events, rather than scrap them.

Read the full Telegraph story here.

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