Monday, 11 October 2010

George Michael Starts Again But What About the Sex?

So George Michael is out of prison. Yawn yawn you might think. Well, maybe not. In a confident and relatively relaxed moment with journalists, Michael said "I just want to say thank you for everybody who has supported me in there". He went on to say that"I'm coming out [of my house] on my own so that you'll realise I just want to start again".

Start again? Does that mean no more drugs? Does that mean some sort of personal and professional re-focus? What about the public sex? Sex and drugs have been linked by both the media and his celebrity gay friends to suggest that they are characterisations of some sort of self-hating, downward spiral. The fact he might have had sexual encounters with men who were less than body beautiful (whilst cruising) by one newspaper in the recent past, was seen as suggesting that he had in some way lost his marbles. So, will the new George Michael - who previously unusually and without apology defended his public sex activities - seek to re-define himself as a vanilla bedroom bound monogamous homo?

I can't really see Michael chained to the kitchen sink (unless in leather jockstrap and kinky chains) and I'll be interested to see how he seeks to renegotiate his sexuality in this latest stage in his life. Similarly, how the media respond will be equally interesting. Yawn yawn? I think not.

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