Tuesday, 2 November 2010

DADT in Further Set-Back as America Goes to Polls

The San Francisco Chronicle might be focused upon the Giants winning the World Series (remind me - who else in the world takes part?), but other media outlets are reporting the decision by U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco decided to set aside an injunction issued by a federal judge, who told the Pentagon it must immediately suspend enforcement of the 1993 law that calls for discharging openly gay men and women.

This is undoubtedly a set-back for hopes to repeal DADT and comes at an unhelpful moment for the Obama presidency. Americans go to the polls today and the left will undoubtedly put pressure on Obama to make some sort of clear pronouncement today that he wants DADT gone whilst his advisers will be desperate to avoid any such statement (my guess is he won't say anything).

Assuming all the polls are just a little bit right, Obama and the Democrats are in for a thrashing in the elections. For gay rights, this means the focus will increasingly be upon the courts which I know has long been the argument of many gay rights lawyers anyway.

Read the LA Times take on the DADT decision here.

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