Saturday, 13 November 2010


You might have noticed that if you scroll down the blog, there's now an embedded video on the right hand side before the news feeds from PinkNews, the Pink Paper and the Advocate. The video is the new daily update from the Pink Paper that I previously blogged about here. The Pink Paper kindly gave me the code so I can carry automatically updated clips on the blog - I hope you'll check-in each day for all the latest news via my feeds and now video along with my less regular blogs, and tweets. Huge thanks to Richard from for ironing out the initial glitches and getting it all sorted. They do seem be using a variety of presenters (sadly still no BBC Three presenters - see my original post) and I really hope it's a service that continues.

I thought given this development, I'd be a little introspective in this blog post and mention a few of the technical bits and bobs that have developed. As mentioned, you can already get live feeds of the latest news down the right hand side. Don't forget, the search engine on the top right will pull up lots of materials, comment and links to resources. Hopefully, this will be of particular interest to student readers. With the links to a range of global resources, my aim is to be the first-stop for any law and sexuality related research and news.

If you're not already following me on Twitter, why on earth not? There's a link to my @lawandsexuality page on the right hand side. I'm also on Facebook, and let's be honest, I need the friends. So feel free to add me (link also on the right). You can record my occasional oral comments/thoughts/student feedback via Audioboo which is also available by clicking on the Audioboo logo. I'm also introducing a series of podcasts via YouTube. The channel page is already up and I'll be posting an intro video over the weekend. Check that out here.

I spoil you, I really do!

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