Saturday, 11 December 2010

Documenting Barebacking 'Truths'

In the past I've blogged about Ryan Sullivan's Island and more generally about Treasure Island Media (use the search box on the right to have a peek). The latest episode of Island (there's also a film of re-edited episodes that was recently shown at the Berlin Porn Film Festival) reveals that Sully (Ryan Sullivan - the filmmaker/pornographer behind the series) is now HIV positive (we don't know how - his own sexuality remains ambiguous) and a video interview follows with a guy that TIM had brought in, talking about his own contraction of HIV. Whether this video represents authentic truth or manufactured truth, it is a 'truth', the 'truth' that Sully is seeking to project as 'documented truth', as the authentic sexual testimony of seroconversion. As such, it offers an interesting insight into the contraction of HIV and barebacking through the lens of TIM.

It's also one of very few episodes that doesn't feature porn so I can embed it below. I'm curious to know what you think.

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