Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Damn You Phillips! You've Discovered My Mind Altering Machine!

It's turning into Daily Mail week on this blog and they are working very hard to tackle my suggestion that not everyone at the Mail is a homophobic bigot (that'll teach me). Melanie Phillips is the latest to stick a dainty metaphorical two fingers up at me.

At one point yesterday she found herself trending on Twitter and as many of you know, the silly hack waded into the sensible comments from Schools Out about the school curriculum including aspects of homosexuality.

The request from Schools Out and the comments from Sue Sanders made this clear, “All we are attempting to do is remind teachers that LGBT people are part of the population and you can include them in most of your lessons when you are thinking inclusively.” Essentially, Sanders is suggesting that if someone is studying Maths and the problem concerns a married couple called Ahmed and Sonal, why can't it include a couple in a civil partnership called Rob and Joe, rather than always a straight married couple? Why can't the questions in class and the scenarios explored in lessons reflect society as it is, rather than some 1920's vision of a white straight Britain?

We would no longer tolerate classes that only refer to characters called Johnny and Jane as that doesn't reflect the students studying in class. This is the next logical step, and is no more loony than what has occurred with race, but it is just as important.

Read the Pink News take on events here.

Phillips, who has made a career out of being offensive, doesn't just criticise the plan. She goes much much further commenting that: “And it’s all part of the ruthless campaign by the gay rights lobby to destroy the very concept of normal sexual behaviour.”

Phillips' homophobic ignorant tirade can be read in full here but it does mean going on to the Daily Mail website. I rather like the way that Phillips seem to hint at some global conspiracy among the 'gay lobby'. Could it be that she has also seen video footage of my new teaching device (shown below)?

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Sean Hennelly said...

What really p****s me off, and what I stumbled across a lot when researching for my Public Sex/Media article is this use of unsupported assumption about the thoughts of the gay community when writing pieces like this (Richard Littlejohn uses this tactic). In the rather terrible article you have linked to today, Phillips writes about how it is ok to discriminate, because after all, all we are doing is upholding the 'moral basis for British society' and our good 'Christian values' (please...), and goes on to say:

"It must be said that many gay people are themselves uneasy or even appalled by this increasingly oppressive use of their cause. Privately, many will say that all they ever want is to live free from discrimination and not to provoke discrimination against others".

Now, I'm sure Phillips has many gay friends, who she sees regularly (yeah right). What utter nonsense. I find that extremely insulting. It seems that Phillips has also stumbled across a 'Mind Reading Machine' too! :P

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