Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Infantilist Confessions

The excellent blog Taboo Terminal carried a piece yesterday on infantilism, a fetish which the blogger notes remains one of the largest and least talked about fetishes. He also includes an interview/quotes from 25 year old John (pictured right-I think). He wears diapers, sucks on a pacifier, and in the right situation, supports others by acting as a care taker. The blog also links to another guy, a 22 year old engineer out of Seattle known online as Pamperchu who has a YouTube channel which you can view here. The truth is, this is a fetish I have greeted in the past with some degree of quizical amusement - associating it with weird guys. Watching the videos of Pamperchu, you realise this is just a really nice guy who has a fetish. As such, this is probably one of the most difficult fetishes to 'come out' with - leather and rubber being almost mainstream by comparison.

John is quoted as saying:

'Misinformation is the cause of a lot of hate in the world, so it doesn’t surprise me that many don’t like infantilism. Certainly, there’s are few creepy bad apples on our side of the fence, but if you take the time, you will find some very trustworthy people and some great friends.

I’m not exactly too sure where it all began, but I do remember when I started wearing them on a regular bases. When I was in my early teens, I started going to church in them under my cloths. They had a nursery there that had tons of diapers. A cute boy and I would sneak into the nursery room while everyone was at dinner and put each other in diapers. After that, I was hooked.'

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