Monday, 10 January 2011

Portas on Sexuality

Today, the Guardian carries a fabulous interview with the kick-ass Business guru Mary Portas. The memorable bit of the interview for me was her observation about Homebase. Oh I hear you Mary. However, the more important aspect for the purpose of this blog are her comments about her sexual identity. Portas is in a Civil Partnership - having previously being married to a man. She is regularly held up as a lesbian icon but she challenges these fixed labels in her interview with a rather brilliant quote:

"Errrr . . . when you look at female sexuality it's very different. Lots of women have been in love with men and then women and vice versa, it's just not so defined and I couldn't explain it in black and white. Have I loved men? Yes. Have I loved more than one woman? No. But did I know that I'd had crushes on men and women in the past? Yes. So it was never like, oooh! But was I happy in my heterosexual relationships? Yes. That's the way it just happened. I certainly wasn't a suppressed lesbian thinking, 'God, I can't wait to get out of this marriage', cos that would be just awful, awful, awful. No, my ex-husband and I know what we had, and it was great, some of the best years of my life, really some of the best. We just grew apart, and that happens. And I happened to fall in love with a woman."

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