Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Queer Space and Commercial Blues

The ebb and flow of venues and trade (in ever sense) from Manchester's Canal Street always attracts a lot of attention and is seen as a key indicator in the struggle for spatial identity, attracting considerable academic and media coverage over the years. Mancunian resident and self-styled trolley dolly, Mickie Lawson discusses the current situation on his blog. As much as I enjoy the blog, I do wonder whether the praise for Nicksy and Essential is a reflection of Mickie's desire for publicity and getting another appearance on Nicksy's show. How are other Mancs finding things on Canal Street? Post your thoughts in comments. Check out Mickie's thoughts here.

It will be interesting how the ongoing economic difficulties will affect queer commercial spaces up and down the UK, and if leads to a lasting shift in spatial identity.

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