Thursday, 27 January 2011

Sky Sports Sexism Row

I've not done an audioboo for a while so here we go, my thoughts on the sacking/resignation of Andy Gray/ Richard Keys over sexist comments.


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Sean Hennelly said...

My dad had similar thoughts to you with regards the workplace, as a space within which these comments are unaccceptable. That is, I agree, the crucial point with regards whether or not Gray/Keys should have lost their jobs. If one chooses to make a sexist/homophobic/racist comment at work, then clearly that is wrong, and people shouldn't be subject to that.

My thoughts, as I tried to explain on my Facebook page, relate to consistency. How does one judge whether a comment is a sackable offence? Clearly, if I walked up to a female colleague at Leicester, and asked her to 'tuck it into my trousers', as Andy Gray did, I should be sacked. The example I gave however, was Loose Women. Clearly 'anti-male' comments are made regularly on that show, but perhaps it is about context. Perhaps 'sexism' doesn't in fact imply any comment made in a derogatory fashion regarding a person's sex or gender. It seems that 'sexism' is something more serious- a very offensive comment. So my question really would be where do we draw the line? Should we expect Priests who make anti-gay comments to be sacked? Interesting stuff...

Chris Ashford said...

I think that's a fair point Sean and the limits of lines of banter - a term that's had a lot of coverage this week. This whole area of privacy and legislating the mind is fast becoming a real legal and political battlefield.

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