Monday, 21 February 2011

Liverpool Queer Space: Take Two

It's probably a sign that you've been doing the same thing for too long when the same story comes around again. The item in today that Liverpool is to create a 'Gay Village' seems rather old-hat, especially if you read this post on my blog back in 2007. They've even sued the same name, a 'quarter'. I can't understand why they are seeking to do this now - at a time of economic difficulty - when they could have done it in the last four years. Liverpool has spent considerable sums on trying to create key economic draws (eg the new conference and shopping centres). It also comes after news that Destination (apparently the largest venue on the scene) has closed suggesting a scene struggling, and in need of private sector investment rather than the council now coming along and 'designating' a space, with no money to spend. There is also the ongoing issue of designating a space as a 'tourist' destination and then encountering the difficulties of hen-parties and straight groups penetrating the space (as has been well documented in Manchester).

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