Sunday, 27 March 2011

Free Lube!

It's Sunday and Monday morning blues beckon for many, but fear not dear reader, I bring exciting lube news! ID Lube are trying to promote their Twitter and facebook social media operations by giving away free lube goodies once they hit 3000 fans or followers. They've some way to go to reach their target, but I know you all enjoy a freebie so get following and let the lube flow!

Follow them on Twitter here for their 'gay' page, and their 'straight' Twitter feed is here. Their 'straight' Facebook page is here and their 'gay' one here.

The whole thing got me thinking about lube (as you do), and especially the 'straight' and 'gay' divide that ID Lube seem to have hit upon for their marketing. Gay men are (I think) very aware of lube brands. Liquid Silk is probably a well known UK brand but I wonder how many 'straight' men are aware of it? Are 'straight' men and women restricted to the supermarket Durex lube offerings (albeit more adventurous these days), or are these brands now reaching out beyond the gay market? I'm genuinely curious. Please post any thoughts as a comment.

Don't forget, you can also follow me on Twitter here. I'm afraid I don't offer any lube freebies.

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