Friday, 11 March 2011

From the Archive:Fancy That!

This is the last in my series of archive trawls. The theme this time is a little more eclectic; I've called it 'Fancy That!' as these are blog posts that look at stories that might seem odd, amusing or just caught my attention and don't fit into the themes previously outlined. Whether serious or less story, these are the blog posts that I thought worth a second (or if you missed them the first time, a first) look.

“Mullahs of chaste nudity”

“My that is a big sausage!”

The Industrial Vagina

‘Normal’ Behaviour and Press Freedom


Sex Therapy, Antimonogomy and errrrr Aliens?

Politics – Russia

A little miracle?

F***ing Ben Affleck – watch the video!

Intergenerational Sex: Brooke Shields and Roman Polanski

John Alan Lee

David Cameron Inspired Porn

Cooking with Semen

Revealing Nudists

Fancy Seeing You Here! Oh and You’re Uncut Versatile?

Victory for Same-Sex Marriage Campaigners

Cruising and Porn as Documentary (NSFW)

Porn CEO on the Gay Rights Movement and Family Values

The Legal Shadow of Buggery

Filth and Sushi: Bindel Takes Aim

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