Sunday, 20 March 2011

Temporarily Closed

I've taken a decision to close this blog for a while. As I've hinted at in an earlier post, I've got too much on at the moment and don't have the space to think. Trying to juggle too many things means I'm making mistakes and things are getting missed. I'm also pretty burnt out. Something has to give and it's going to be this blog - for a while anyway. The module will re-start in October so it will be back for that and I'll probably be back in a few weeks when I feel better able to cope. For now, I need to write other things. Don't worry, I'll still be wasting time Twittering though. I leave you with some Nat King Cole...

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Richard Mangas said...

I’m sorry that you have taken such a decision. What is more important to have it all right or to give space for dissent and collaboration? You may not be well though and need a break, but believe me there are people out there in the cyberspace that are grateful for your posts extremely well written and outrageously meaningful. Take care and come back soon. RM

Chris Ashford said...

Thanks Richard - much appreciated. I'll certainly be back. I've got a book to finish, some chapters I'm contracted to do and other odds and ends so want to feel more on top of those first, but I'll then be back! :-)

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