Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Toxic HIV?

The HIV porn performer Mason Wyler (the marmite of the porn world, and I am firmly in the 'on my toast' camp), recently re-launched his blog (NSFW), and in his latest post talks about privacy and his sex life. He writes: 'I get hit up for anything and everything, by boys next door to boys in porn, as long as it's not privy to the public. Considering that most of these boys live their lives out in the open, tweeting everything they experience from haircuts to hard fucks, it's quite insulting that I get swept under the rug. Even strictly platonic friendships have been relegated to strictly private places [...] I bought into thinking my reputation was so toxic that I would have a detrimental effect on anyone seen with me.'

Here is a very public sexual figure- openly HIV positive and openly a barebacker who continues to have people who want to have sex with him (presumably bb) and who want to be friends but who feel they have to do so privately. Our complex attitudes to HIV and bareback behaviour do not stop it, but they do mean that gay men increasingly must hide behind what I've described as a cloak of legal homonormativity (an article is due out on this theme).

Mason might also want to keep an eye on France and an interesting legal decision this week. Edwin J Bernard reported on his blog that a 40 year old man has been found guilty of administering a harmful substance to one's spouse or common law husband/wife with the consequence of lifelong impairment ("administration de substance nuisible par conjoint ou concubin ayant entraîné une infirmité permanente") for not disclosing his HIV status to a former partner in 1999, who subsequently was also diagnosed HIV-positive. Read the full story here.

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