Thursday, 10 March 2011

Trans Identities and the Law

I think most academic researchers aim to be a 'name', or in the language of ego, to have a 'legacy'; in the language of REF bureaucracy, an 'impact'. It is always a buzz when someone thinks that you have written or said something that advances your field, but few figures reach the dizzy heights of being a name, a leader in their field. Dean Spade is one such figure. A wonderful engaging speaker and writer, Spade was the first 'openly trans' US law professor. His writing has been influential, and he is a big figure on the academic stage. I've had the good fortune to hear him speak on several occasions, and always found his interventions thoughtful and thought-provoking. Guernica has an interview with him in which he talks about the law and trans issues. You can check it out here. The references to texts, sources, commentary on literature embedded in responses is (in my experience), very much the style of Spade and so this gives you not only an interesting insight into the substance of these issues, but also an insight into the guy.

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