Friday, 29 April 2011

Arise James Middleton

I am somewhat tickled that one of the emerging Royal Wedding stories of the day concerns the brides brother, James Middleton (pictured right). As Pink News reports, 'the search engine Google has begun to auto-suggest “James Middleton gay” following a surge in searches on the younger brother of Catherine ‘Kate’, Duchess of Cambridge.'

I'd engaged in some exchanges regarding his sexuality earlier in the day (I thought he was gay on the basis of stuff I've read), but Pink News shows a lawyer-inspired cautious approach, neither confirming or denying JM's sexuality and instead resorting to the Daily Mail-esque reference to him being a 'cake maker'. Cake Maker (allegedly) being well known code for liking a bit of cock. Oh yes. It's also an indicator that he runs a cake making business (apparently £16 a pop), but anyone that fond of fondant is apparently incapable of being heterosexual.

There's also a picture of JM naked with a beer bottle in front a fire doing the rounds on Twitter, which can also be found (in very very small form) on the web. This seems to have further cemented JM's status as a bit of well-connected totty.

The Telegraph also featured a slightly bitchy piece with him early in the week in which they do a bit of a profile on the cake making entrepreneur. All of which smacks of an ambitious young man who could be the first media casualty in this marriage. Whether he is gay or not is secondary to the fact that it is significant we want to know if he is gay or not. Sexuality clearly matters, and I suspect we've not heard the end of Mr Middleton and talk of his sexuality.

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Sigmund Freud said...

How bitchy!!! What's yours and how often you practise it?

Chris Ashford said...

Freud, you've perhaps been spending too long with your texts. I was being sarcastic in the opening paragraph. I am not suggesting that all cake makers are gay; I was (attempting) to highlight the absurdity of such a remark as some sort of code for homosexual.

So, yes I was being bitchy but you've missed the point. What's mine? I assume you mean sexuality, and as is quite clear on this blog, I'm a gay man and I practise it as often as possible.

Nietzsche -formally Freud said...

Ok then. Maybe you should practise more often -it takes away bitterness. Or just use a hair dryer -third picture down:

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