Sunday, 29 May 2011

Let's Talk About Sex: Paul Morris

Earlier this month, Let's Talk About Sex posted two wonderful and important pieces - extended 'interviews' with Treasure Island Media head-honcho, Paul Morris. Porn's quintessential bĂȘte noire for his advocacy of bareback sex, and his recent move into openly HIV positive porn.

I'm speaking about Morris, queer theory and treasure Island Media next week in San Francisco (the city the company is based in) at the Law and Society Annual Conference. If anyone fancies a chat over a beer or cup of tea while I'm in town, give me a shout on email or via twitter.

Anyhow, I was also interested to see him champion FTM queer porn performer, James Darling who I've previously mentioned, and how very kindly did a Q&A with my students last year (check that video out here).

The first part of the interview can be read here and the second part here. The interview was also reproduced on the Treasure Island Media blog with a Q&A for fans/readers, asking:
'What books does Paul suggest reading for those interested in the “extremely complex psycho-social functions and meanings of queer sex”?'

The answer was:
Foucault’s History of Sexuality, Lee Edelman’s No Future, and Bersani/Phillips’ Intimacies.

This reveals the depth and intellect of the man and the importance of scholarly theoretical development in the existence of Treasure Island Media. My students will be very familiar with Foucault's three volumes of Sexuality and (if they did well in my first assignment), also Lee Edelman's text which influenced my own writing on bareback sex. Finally, Bersani and Phillips' although less familiar to my students, is of course, an important text. It's striking that the very ideas that flow through an English undergraduate law degree module ('class') are also the ideas that powerfully influence Treasure Island Media.

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