Saturday, 21 May 2011

Tom Daley, Child Pornography and a 12 Month Wait

Happy Birthday Tom Daley. The celebrated diver (not swimmer!) turned 17 today, and he told the world on Twitter, he went for his first driving lesson (only stalling once in two hours) and posted a picture of his birthday cake.

Daley highlights his age through the inclusion of his date of birth in his twitter addy but his choice of pic is an interesting one - a muscle erotic pose that originally featured as part of a Guardian magazine spread in October last year. When they appeared, I noted on this blog that
'Tom Daley - even prior to turning sixteen was the boy gay men could legitimately "fancy". Why is this so? Why is acceptable (with mild teasing) to publicly say "wow, he's fit" in a way we can not about other 16/15 year olds?'

Although last year marked the moment when Daley could - if he so desired - consent to being buggered senseless by every gay male out there who had been fantasising about it, they could not take a photograph of the act - as it would amount to child pornography under English law.

Even today, Tom can drive, but should he send a naked photograph to a friend - which then gets uploaded on the Internet - he would be 'making' child pornography. So happy birthday Tom, but I'm left wondering if we'll see you in the Attitude naked issue 2012.

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Elly said...

I'd say it is acceptable to fancy Daly because he is a sportsmen.

As Mark Simpson has written about 'sporno' is its own special category of porn and it is all considered perfectly acceptable and even safe for work, TV, billboards, newspapers.

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