Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Gay Academics

It is rare that I've felt discriminated against within HE, although I have faced some challenging issues from some international students. An interesting piece on Inside Higher Ed explores whether gay and lesbian academics face discrimination from students. A new study -- just published in The Journal of Applied Social Psychology -- suggests that they do, with regard to perceptions of political bias.

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Elly said...

I wonder how they treated bisexual academics. If such a thing is allowed to exist...

Chris Ashford said...

Very good point Elly. Lots of academics (including myself) too often overlook 'bisexuals' and stick to the narrow categories of gay/lesbian.

Elly said...

In which case, maybe those students had a point, and gay academics ARE biased about issues of sexuality?


I am not really into 'experiment' research on social issues. If they had have done in-depth interviews I am sure they would have got a more complex picture. Obviously, interviews cost money, and the survey/experiment method marches on.

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