Thursday, 28 July 2011

Blog Changes

You may have noticed that I've finally got around to the blog changes I planned on making this summer.

I've tried to simplify the overall look of the blog, making it more attractive and easy to use. The links section is now a series of 'sections' that I have tried to organise along themes. You'll notice that there are now a lot more links than previously (and all broken links have been removed!). I've also (after much debate over a number of years) opted to include a NSFW/explicit set of links. Given the increasingly diverse readership of this blog, and student feedback it seemed it a sensible change.

I believe these links offer an important educational and social context to the issues that this blog considers and are clearly labelled as NSFW/explicit, allowing readers to make an informed choice. Most links also have additional warning pages. I hope you agree this seems an appropriate step but all feedback is appreciated. I certainly won't be 'requiring' students to look at these links but their feedback was that they were looking at these pages anyway when I mentioned material (eg Treasure Island Media) in workshops and so this just makes everyone's life a little easier. It also brings to an end the self-censorship that always left me uncomfortable.

It's quite possible (likely!) that I've missed off some resources I should have included - perhaps your brilliant blog or website. If so, let me know.

I've also added a clear copyright license following a couple of queries and Pink Sixty news is bigger and clearer than it has ever been. I think the daily videos are a really useful resource and I hope it will now be viewed more often.

The blog remains a work in progress and any thoughts, feedback etc are always appreciated either as comments on posts, tweets or direct emails to me.

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Elly said...

hi I would love it if you would consider a link to my blog. I will link to yours.

Quiet Riot Girl



Chris Ashford said...

I can't believe I missed you off! Sorry - now added to the blogroll :-)

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