Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The Sex Lives of Men

Monique Roffey, author of 'With the Kisses of his Mouth' has written an interesting little piece in the Guardian today. She ponders why it is that women like her are willing tow rite openly about their sex lives, but few men feel able to do the same. Read it in full here.

The Internet is cluttered with gay and bi men writing about their sex lives but these do not appear in 'commercial' texts so I wonder if this is actually a rather more complicated picture than Roffey suggests? Are straight men different in this regard? Thoughts?

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Elly said...

Yes I think straight men are different in this regard, partly as Roffey says, because men's heterosexuality is often associated in our cultural imagination, with 'violence' against women, including rape, domestic violence, street 'harassment' and unwanted predatory advances.

Men are vilified for their (hetero)sexualities. Which is another reason I get a bit pissed off with gay rights activists. They think hetero people are so 'privileged' but there are lots of burdens that go with heterosexuality, especially, in some ways, for men.

As long as women, especially feminists, are calling men dirty dogs and saying 'men do horrible, horrible things' (Suzanne Moore), men will not be able to write about their sexuality freely.

Chris Ashford said...

I'd probably have some subtle disagreement on the 'privileged' comment but yes I agree on the broader comments about straight men.'s interesting to think how the metrosexual male fits into this.

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