Saturday, 13 August 2011

DUDE Launches

Exciting times, DUDE: transmasculinity magazine from Australia and New Zealand is now available online.

They've also issued a Call for Submissions which I've reproduced below:


Deadline: October 31st, 2011

Theme: Body Image

Please note DUDE does NOT seek research essays, however brief articles/reviews/comments from trans theorists will be greatly received.

Be brave, bold and beautiful. Value everyone.

Is the trans movement celebrating body type diversity in positive ways? Does it further impose mainstream pressures on our body image? How can we celebrate all body types in healthy and constructive ways? And how do we do this without adding to the fetishisation of the sex
and gender diverse community?

We want to hear what your thoughts are on body image. What do we need to share with each other? What assumptions are often made and why?

Including but not limited to, body image in relation to:

• expectations of uber masculinity: both in the mainstream, such as media, magazines, movies; and on youtube and ftm forums
• various subcultures such as bears, lesbian, sporting clubs and codes, gyms, punks, S/M, leather, anarchist, activist, men-only spaces, SOP
• not being on T/natural transitioning
• butch-not-trans / butch-and-trans
• genderqueers or dykes who bind or have had top surgery
• people with (dis)abilities or people who are differently abled.
• sex
• genitals
• body size diversity and positivity
• substance use
• people with eating disorders
• scars
• femme ftms
• binding
• surviving sexual assault
• gender dysphoria
• dealing with health professionals
• strategic essentialism

Submissions from Australia and New Zealand will be highly regarded, but the call out is open to everyone world wide.

About Dude

Dude is a not for profit, creative resource on transmasculinity; a zine combining short articles, stories and imagery.

We encourage photo submissions from a diverse range of people who identify as male / trans /genderqueer / transmasculine / butch / femme ftm / ftm / m2m / especially people of colour / people who are chubby/ people with disabilities / freaks / people not on T.

Also, we love cock pictures.


Length: No submission is too short: brief articles are preferred (less than 500 words) but longer text will be considered if relevant and well crafted.

Payment: At this time we are unable to offer payment for submissions.
Each contributor will receive a copy of Dude 2.

All submissions in electronic format to
Include with subject line SUBMISSION DUDE 2: PHOTO/TEXT (as appropriate).
Text in .doc format
Images: JPG format, higher quality the better. Please note that colour
images will be converted to greyscale.
If you have further enquiries, email with subject line “ENQUIRY DUDE 2”

This call out is on facebook:

Thank you.

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Elly said...

I am interested to know what they mean by 'strategic essentialism' here.

I wonder if it is like with gay rights movements, which focus on the need for 'gay rights' over diversity of sexual expression, in order to make progress on basic things before moving onto more nuanced approaches. Yeah right...

I am very wary of 'strategic essentialism' as I understand it.

Chris Ashford said...

They are listing it as a topic for exploration rather than a term they have defined - you should offer to write something on it ;-)

Elly said...

I could.

I certainly identify with 'trans masculinity' in some ways,but not ways that the majority of trans men would acknowledge as valid I think. I don't know I haven't talked to them all!

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