Friday, 12 August 2011

Follow Friday: The Lesbian and Gay Foundation

From time-to-time, I used to post 'resource focus' items on a particular website or organisation, but I thought in the age of Twitter it would be helpful to have a 'follow Friday' feature. For the uninitiated, each Friday people use the twitter tag #ff and suggest people who should be followed. Over time, your networks interact with one another and grow even more. It's kinda cool and I try and do several shout-outs each week. However, such is the nature of Twitter that these are then lost in the ether so I want to use my blog to single out one 'follow Friday' that people should follow. Sometimes they will be really useful, sometimes authoritative, and sometimes just witty and amusing. Once the new teaching term kicks-in the focus will slightly shift, as I try and reflect the higher number of student readers.

Anyway, this week's shout out goes to @lgfoundation

The Lesbian & Gay Foundation delivers community, health and support services to lesbian, gay and bisexual people in the UK.

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