Wednesday, 24 August 2011

The Metrosexual Arse

Remember Philip Oliver? He's an actor who made his name in the British soap Brookside, and went on to appear in many calendars that men, women and those who find young sexy men half naked attractive devoured (he's depressingly just 2 months younger than me but you wouldn't think it). Well, he's straight. He's repeatedly said he's straight in all the gay magazine interviews (of which there are many) that he's done. In 2005, he was a national judge on Mr Gay UK and he's appeared at various gay pride events and in 2010 appeared in a BBC soap, Doctors, playing a gay yoga teacher so he's a straight guy who likes playing with the gay boys.

This is a metrosexual who has apparently made some money from the gay community and so it perhaps helps if men keep thinking there's a possibility of some sexual liaison. In that sense, he is the professional cock tease. He is very very good at it.

It's wasn't therefore a total surprise to learn of his latest 'escapade' (pictured below). He's on Twitter as @officialoliver and had been interacting with out gay Coronation Street (huge Brit soap tv show) actor Charlie Condou via twitter. A curious thing to do you might think, but happily the Charlie Condou fan site 'Charlie Condou Confidential' caught the relevant tweets.

Oliver later tweeted: 'Noooooooo! Note to self. Stay
away from twitter when intoxicated. Noooooooooooooooo! xx'.

Condou replied: Charliecondou: @officialolivier 'Mate, can't wait to see that photo in Heat xx'.

Heat is a big UK celeb gossip magazine. It's all a bit odd. Metrosexual banter perhaps? Heaven help us. it can only be a matter of time before such confident heterosexuals start posting pictures of them being mounted by a very well endowed porn star whilst fellating his best mate. "Just for the craic like'

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Elly said...

haha I am writing something about 'speedophobia' at the moment I will use that pic!

I don't think this is anything new. The new thing is the interviews with the gay mags and the 'metrosexual' imagery of the actor as a soap star and 'celebrity' (and his post modern tweets).

The naked shenanigans are good old fashioned 'homo-erotic' 'hazing' in my opinion and they go back as far as the imagination can imagine.

Elly said...

I will add that whilst this metro man has made money from the 'gay community' the 'gay community' have also made money from him.

Attitude and other gay mags, and the whole gay porn industry, profit from 'straight' men's desire to be desired.

Gay community my arse.

Elly said...

p.s. I am looking out for some exclusive pics of Patrick Strudwick actually consummating the flirty 'pussy tease' banter he has with Tanya Gold, Caitlin Moran and countless other women in the media.

Because gay boys can be fickle too you know dearie!

Chris Ashford said...

I don't know Elly. I think it goes a bit beyond hazing (which was always about heterosexuality) as here we have a straight identified guy and a homosexual identified guy - I think that makes this different in some way.

You're absolutely right to note the way that gay mags/porn has profited from straight men's desire to be desired - great point!

Missed the whole Strudwick thing I must confess.

Elly said...

Are you sure you're not just jealous that you're not 'the gay guy' in the scenario?

It feels like you are making too much of a meal of putting this man's heterosexuality into question. I place no value in men's heterosexuality anyway. Let them have their fun!

Re: Strudwick. There is a genre of gay man that loves to 'reaffirm' his gayness, just like straight men do the other way round, by engaging in very 'heterosexual' discourse/flirting with women. Maybe to prove they are NOT women.

Mark S said...

Metro, hetero, homo, or bozo, Philip can sit on Metrodaddy's face any day of the week.

Elly said...

There is clear evidence he wears his socks in bed, though.

I guess that's liveable with.

Chris Ashford said...

lol @ Mark. I think that's a widely held view! Given his current direction you should ask him, he may well say yes.

Elly - I'm not jealous of the scenario actually. I hate teases. I like things that actually happen (so if he had been viewing Mr Oliver's bottom int he flesh, yes, but a picture no) :-)

Elly said...

How can you hate 'teases' when the whole of metrosexual imagery and ALL gay porn is one big cock tease?

Somebody must be loving it because this cock tease is saturating our culture.

I am fine with the tease myself. But then I have to be. I am a woman and I can never have real life full on man on man big cocked manly man homo sex. Can I?

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