Friday, 19 August 2011

Sexing the Transman

I'm really excited about the latest project from self-styled "man with a pussy", Buck Angel. The porn performer, makerand now, educator is launchign two films that are linked as one project. Sexing the transman (the documentary) and Sexing the Transman XXX offer a radical take ont he subjects of gender and sexuality. The documentary element is described as 'an audio-visual tour of transman sexuality, including interviews and graphic video with a variety of transmen and the people who love them.' More details is provided on on the XXX feature, although both films seem worthy of praise. I've yet to see them, but I'm hoping to use one or both my undergraduate law and sexuality students this next academic year.

The films seem to address the questions that non-trans folks often seem to have when encountering gender and trans identities. Crucially, they also appears to still cast the 'performers' as sexual beings. They are not 'freaks' or some science class, they are erotic individuals who generate and enjoy desire, passion, and yes orgasms.

The press release for the XXX film rightly describes it as a 'groundbreaking educational adult film' and tells us that it consists of interviews and jack-off scenes with four different transmen (aged 20-35). Each scene starts with an interview in which the performers share intimate details about who they are and why they transitioned from female to male. Publicity for the film states that 'The transguys reveal what turns them on as they stroke their enlarged clits and use their favorite sex toys in all their holes.' Each scene, we are told, concludes with an orgasm.

Sexing the Transman (safe for viewing)

Sexing the Transman XXX Trailer (safe for viewing)

It's also brilliant to see James Darling featured in the XXX feature. James is a friend of this blog and my law and sexuality class, having kindly agreed to respond to questiosn from my law and sexuality undergraduate students last year. You can check out that video below:

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