Saturday, 6 August 2011

The Unhelpful Rise of the Feminista?

Also in the Guardian today, is a little story about a forthcoming two-day event of feminism. A sort of feminist boot camp. The piece explores the growing number of feminist groups and the impact they are having - for instance putting the brake on a 'Hooters' in Sheffield. Read the full story here.

The logic, that more groups equates to a rise in the perspective is to my mind flawed. If anything, the emergence of these groups (for instance in opposition to Hooters - which went ahead in Bristol and Cardiff despite campaigns) shows that the world is carrying on regardless and thus there is arguably a need for these groups. There presence is thus symptomatic of a failure of a kind of feminism and with it, we see people turning to a form of radical feminism that personally, I remain largely unconvinced by. This anti-sex work, anti-trans, anti-meat, anti-dairy feminism borders upon being a pastiche, and is easy to ridicule and dismiss.

Effective and thoughtful feminists are out there - Clarissa Smith and Feona Attwood spring to mind but they are unlikely to be found at these feminist 'boot-camps'.

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Elly said...

I don't know what an 'effective' feminist is. It depends what the aims of feminism are. I think feminism is generally misandrist and pro gender-binary norms.

The problem with feminism for me is on one hand it is supposed to be a simple all-encompassing movement for gender equality. On the other, if you say you disagree with it, feminists say 'there is no one feminism it is so diverse you can't disagree with it'...

Chris Ashford said...

Effective in terms of pursuing the goals as defined by those pursuing that interpretation of feminism :-)

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