Sunday, 7 August 2011

Abused Men In Scotland

A wonderful Scotland-based law & sexuality academic, Brian Dempsey, has embarked on a fundraising mission. Here's a brief note from him, I hope you'll lend your support:
As you may know I have been concerned about domestic abuse law and services for some time and have recently become involved with the support charity AMIS (Abused Men in Scotland). There’s a great group of volunteers who answer the phone and are building the service with next to no funding and no paid workers. You can see more about AMIS at

As my contribution I am trying to raise the finance to produce and distribute 10,000 information leaflets so that men who are being abused can find their way to the support that AMIS offers. Some of AMIS’s volunteers have experience of effective leaflet distribution with other groups so you can be assured that the information will be distributed effectively.

AMIS IS about supporting all men who are experiencing abuse, whether in a mixed-sex relationship or a same-sex relationship as well as their children, family and friends.
AMIS IS NOT about taking away services from women who experience abuse

If you felt able to help me support AMIS then please visit and make a donation – every little helps (as some corporation might say) and please don’t forget the GiftAid option if that is relevant. And please forward this email to anyone you think might be interested in the subject.

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