Friday, 16 September 2011

Australia in Passport Gender Reform Move

Exciting news from Australia and passport reforms relating to gender.  Pink News reports that under the new passport rules, 'gender may be recorded on passports as ‘M’, ‘F’ – or ‘X’. Additionally, trans individuals no longer need to undergo sex reassignment surgery in order to be issued with a passport in their preferred gender, nor – as is currently the case in the UK – will they need to undergo an intrusive review by a government body (gender recognition panel) before they can have that gender accepted. Instead, according to foreign minister Kevin Rudd, Australians now have “the option of presenting a statement from a medical practitioner supporting their preferred gender”. The ‘X’ status is reserved solely for intersex people – meaning that the Australian government appears to be the first in the world to legally recognise intersex people.'

Read the full story here.

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