Thursday, 22 September 2011

Banned! TIM and the Folsom Street Fair (Here We Go Again)

Here we go again...this weekend sees the Folsom Street Fair take place in San Francisco and with it, we see Treasure Island Media bane done again.  Their ban has proven a marketing triumph for the bareback porn company who have used the ban as the basis for boosting their profile the last few years.  As I've commented before, the ban allows the company to present themselves as 'outsiders', 'rebels', and cultural renegades.

In a Bay Area Reporter article covering the 2011 TIM strategy, the Fair says TIM are not banned for being a bareback company which does confuse me.  I was convinced that they referred to bareback sex in an original letter issued when TIM were first banned.  I can't find a press release/copy of that letter on the web anymore so maybe it was my imagination.  If anyone can find these docs, please post.  Similarly, I can't access the exhibitor application form and guidelines anymore on the Fair site so I have no idea whether they make reference to bareback - can anyone clarify?

Was it always just about public sex as the Fair seem to be suggesting (not even nudity - which their website FAQs make clear is acceptable)?  Help me out folks...

You can read the full BAR article here.

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