Wednesday, 14 September 2011

A Gay Student

Here's a really interesting post on coming out at university.  It's pitched at students arriving at university, but in reality, 'coming out' can happen at any point in a persons academic life.  For me, it was my second year whilst almost every year of running law and sexuality at Sunderland, it has been in the final year studying L&S that someone has come out.  It's quite a nice post, read it in full here.  Of course, 'coming out' is rarely a 'one off' but part of a process that continues through life, when we make new friends or acquaintances, or become involved in new groups and have to once again 'come out'.

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Elly said...

or not. some people choose to not 'come out' at various points and in various situations. The 'process' is very different for different people.

And some prefer to 'stay in'.

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