Tuesday, 20 September 2011

DADT: It is an ex-law

A truly historic day in the USA as the Don't Ask Don't Tell law is finally repealed.  You can read more on the CBS news site here.  The law, introduced under the Clinton Presidency (as part of a political compromise) meant that the US armed forces couldn't ask recruits whether they were gay and members of the armed forces couldn't reveal their sexuality - it was an enforced closetisation which sat increasingly uncomfortably in a country which has become more accepting of non-heterosexual identities in recent years and is seen as Obama finally doing something for the gay vote and Democrat supporters.

For me, I was reminded of Monty Python's dead Parrot sketch - DADT has finally passed on.  It is no more.  It has ceased to be. It has expired.  Goodbye DADT, you won't be missed.

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Gary McLachlan said...

Did you see @ariezrawaldman on Towleroad? Good thoughts on remaining consequences.

Chris Ashford said...

I haven't - could you please post a full link for everyone? :-)

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