Sunday, 25 September 2011

Same-Sex Marriage in Ireland

Very interesting campaign video from same-sex marriage campaigners in Ireland.  It's a  moving portrait of the practical realities of a legal landscape without it, but it's disappointing that they focus on 'gay and lesbian' marriage.  I'm quite sure the term isn't meant to be excluding but I've regularly been ticked off when I've referred to 'gay marriage' as this excludes those who might be bisexual or who reject these labels.  'Same-sex marriage' although itself imperfect seems preferable.  Anyway, check out the video below.


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Elly said...

that for me is an argument to either improve civil partnership rights, or just to improve 'next of kin' rights for non-biological families.

what about adopted children?

It is making again an issue into a 'gay' issue when it's not.

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