Monday, 10 October 2011

A BoyLover's Glossary

One of the interesting aspects of my law and sexuality class (there are of course, many) is the use of language.  Every new cohort is a reminder of the importance of language around sexuality and the specialist terms and subtleties of use associated with words.  Take the 'twink'; the smooth slim youthful sugary gay male or alternatively the 'bear'; the hairy, large build, 'masculine' gay identity.  Cottaging, dogging, BDSM, kink, frottage, rimming, and so on are examples of the terms that every year need some degree of explanation.  The growth of the Internet has meant that we have a whole level of new 'words' and terms, and boy love - intergenerational male for male sex is no exception.

Sometimes defined as paedophilia (although an imprecise term) this site - A BoyLover's Glossary - documents the language that is used within this network - and is clearly intended for self-identified boy lovers.  So we get the familiar LOL but we also see TBL for teen boy lover or  PVF for plain vanilla faggot (someone who is not a boy lover - a 'plain' gay).   You can view the site in full here.

It is essentially a net speak glossary of boy love and links to a couple of 'pro boy love sites' so it's fairly clear to see the angle the site designer is coming from.  There's nothing explicit or shocking on the site although I'm sure the terms will seem uncomfortable for some.  Nonetheless, in an area that concerns so many, but for which the light is rarely shone, this site is an important information resource.

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Anonymous said...

Men and women have long called each other boys and girls. I'm sure it won't be long before it is criminalised as an indicator of pedophilia. I think Germaine Greer also covered the sexualization of young men in her book, "The Boy".

Is it just me, or is the sexualization of youngsters really down to those people who highlight a "problem" where none existed before?

Chris Ashford said...

Thanks for your comment anonymous but I'm not sure how it relates to specifically to the post?

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