Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Fill Her Up: Trent Arsenault and the Curious Case of the Sperm Donor

Many many moons ago I had a massive row with an ex during our student days.  To raise a bit of money he decided that him and his (straight) mate would start providing sperm to the local clinic.  I hated the idea of him giving it away and mini 'A's' walking around the place.  I considered myself the sole benefactor of his erm, well sperm.  How many of you just cringed? Sorry about that, but the point is it's regarded by many as a precious and symbolic fluid.

Anyhow, Trent Arsenault (I swear I didn't make that name up) in the USA has been busy whizzing his jizz to anyone who wants it for free.  Talk about Santa emptying his sack.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Arsenault's been a sperm donor for five years, offering his semen to women he meets on the Internet for free. But his baby-making days may be numbered. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has told him to stop giving away his sperm - or face a $100,000 fine or up to a year in prison - on the grounds that he's ignoring federal regulations that require blood tests every time a person donates any kind of body tissue or fluid. He's allowed to keep providing sperm while his case is pending.

So get it while you can.  You can read the full story here.    

It's a fascinating story given the way we freely exchange bodily fluids, and specifically Sperm in a non-regulated way.  Thing of all that fellatio, we don't have the Environment Agency ensuring that it meets food safeties tankards do we?  I'm assuming a penis would fail owing to faulty plumbing and the sperm ejector being shared with the urine ejector.  Yet, in certain artificial contexts, the law does become involved.

Here, because a man is 'giving away' his sperm in this way, the FDA would feels the need to be involved.  If on the other hand, he was feeling less generous and was more interested in just having lots of unprotected sex, knocking up half of California, he'd be exempt.  It's going to make for an absolutely fascinating case.

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