Friday, 2 December 2011

Follow Friday

Another double whammy Follow Friday as I was useless last week.  Hopefully now back on track for a few weeks.  First up is the wonderful @ThePansyProject and their wonderful website which you can view here.  The Pansy Project is an art/community project by Paul Harfleet.

Paul plants pansies at the site of homophobic abuse, he finds the nearest source of soil to where the incident occurred and generally without civic permission plants one unmarked pansy. The flower is then photographed in it's location and posted on his website, the image is entitled after the abuse. It's simple, touching and really quite wonderful.  Of course, in an ideal world Paul would have to halt his project because these sort of homophobic attacks had come to an end.

My second mention goes to the lovely chap who kindly designed the logo which still features at the top of this page, my old twitter logo and the logo which can still be found on my module Facebook page.   @gigoslurp is simply a lovely friendly kind sort, and you should follow for the simple reason that you can.

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