Thursday, 15 December 2011

Homonormativity and the New Legal Citizenship: Viva Oppression?

Yesterday I presented an internal seminar on some of my ongoing work.  I published an article early this Autumn in Durham Law Review 'setting the theoretical scene' and plan on some further work coming out in the next couple of years (such is the speed of academic publishing) that develops my ideas around (homo)normativity.

The work is part of a series of Brown Bag seminars organised by the Law and Society research Cluster at the University, which I lead and organise.  You can check out the slides from my brief talk below and you can download the full article here.
Homonormative brown bag
View more presentations from Chris Ashford.

You can view the full Law and Society seminar programme for 2011-12 below.

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Elly said...

My recent contribution to this debate is a critique of Aaron Hicklin's recent 'gay is good' piece in the Guardian/Observer. He responds to my piece in the comments:

Mark Simpson also had apparently written to Hicklin about this. But Aaron conflates our two separate responses, conveniently.

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