Monday, 9 January 2012

Journal Alert: Feminist Legal Studies

Readers may be interested to know that Feminist Legal Studies, Volume 19 Number 3 has now been published and it includes a book review that I've written. The full contents can be viewed below: 

“Unpalatable Messages”? Feminist Analysis of United Kingdom Legislative Discourse on Stalking 1996–1997
Helen Reece

Sexuality and Succession Law: Beyond Formal Equality
Daniel Monk

Review Essay
Radical Legal Theory Today, or How to Make Foucault and Law Disappear Completely
Nick Piška

Book Review
Roundtable on Eve Darian-Smith, Religion, Race, Rights: Landmarks in the History of Modern Anglo-American Law
Jonathan Goldberg-Hiller, Renisa Mawani, Didi Herman, Denise Ferreira da Silva & Eve Darian-Smith 

Book Review Barbara Babcock: Woman Lawyer: The Trials of Clara Foltz
Rosemary Auchmuty

Book Review Didi Herman: An Unfortunate Coincidence: Jews, Jewishness and English Law
Anastasia Vakulenko

Book Review Jackie Jones, Anna Grear, Rachel Anne Fenton and Kim Stevenson (eds.): Gender, Sexualites and Law
Chris Ashford

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Elly said...

ooh goody more feminism!

I'm interested in the article on harassment law can you think of how I might be able to access it without paying through the nose?

Chris Ashford said...

Ask the author. I can't persuade our uni to subscribe -have to use interlibrary loans to get articles in FLS myself! Journal access is increasingly an issue within academia as it is beyond it.

Elly said...

yeah I get the feeling they are a bit behind the times in the digital age. They were very quick to go online, but charging £30 for one article is just crazy.


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