Thursday, 26 January 2012

LA Condom Measures

By now, many of you will be aware of the news last week from LA regarding new rules on the use of condoms in the production of porn films.  I'm knocking together a piece for elsewhere so forgive me for not commenting further than my previous posts (see this and this, and also this).  However, you can read more about the latest developments here on LA Weekly and also this piece from the wonderful Katherine Sansom.

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Elly said...

I was wondering if you could tell me what makes Katherine Samson 'wonderful'?

I don't think it is 'wonderful' that she bans me from her site, Freedom in a Puritan Age. How does that relate to 'freedom' of speech?


Chris Ashford said...

Thanks for your comment Elly. I think Katherine runs an excellent and informative blog, and is a great contributor to the development of ideas in the UK and beyond.

I don't run that blog myself and can't therefore comment on the specific case you refer to.

I will make a general observation about comments on blogs/websites etc. It's always difficult to judge what to block and what to publish. Introducing filtering as I have had to do recently enables the blocking of spam which readers can find annoying and which may lead to harmful sites. Similarly, as with all free speech there must be some limitations - such as the famous shouting fire in a theatre scenario.

Therefore, where a post adds nothing to a debate, is defamatory or simply outside the ethical framework of the blog/site that it is posted, it is perfectly appropriate to prevent that material being posted.

In the age of blogging it does not prevent that message from being made available - it can simply be posted elsewhere - but it does ensure that readers of the original blog/website are not exposed to the material I have mentioned above.

Elly said...

well my comments at fipa were on topic, respectful and pertinent to the debates.

One of them was the comment I posted here about the Obscenity trial that you published and responded to happily!

But if you think Katherine should not be 'exposed' to what I 'exposed'you to does that mean she is more 'delicate' than you?

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