Friday, 6 January 2012

The Voracious Escort Habits of Lawyers

The Orlando Sentinel - surely the reading choice of ever Brit - carried a rather wonderful piece this week concerning Scott Rothstein who is embroiled in a  little local legal difficulty following a spot of fraud which led to his imprsonment and the downfall of his law firm.

Apparently, the Fort Lauderdale law firm maintained a condo across the street where he and his law partners would have sex with prostitutes/sex workers and then come back to work.  Rothstein is reported as saying: 

"There were probably times when we spent $50,000, $60,000 a month on escorts," Rothstein said. "It just depends. When there were political things in town, more. Big functions, conventions, more. People in town to entertain, more money. But it was a lot of money just for the law partners that were using escorts. Some of them had fairly voracious escort habits."

All of which got me thinking, how many other law firms do this?  Not on the same scale of course, or anything as obvious as arranging escorts in this manner in a local commercial harem, but putting people in the room with people who may be escorts as part of providing 'a good entertainment mix' for example.  None of which is to condemn, but I am curious as to the extent it can be found among the bigger city based firms in particular.

Just as high street solicitors must deal with those arrested for dealing with cocaine, and city solicitors must sometimes find a new dealer, it is a world that is not unknown to have some legal tightrope walking.  Drugs is a known cultural reality for some of our city-based elite in the course of commercial networking.  What of sex work?

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Elly said...

I don't know it is an area that would be tricky to research!

It also raises questions of 'gender cultures'- in that these law firms tend to be quite male-dominated and sex workers tend to be women.

what about gay/bi lawyers? do they have to fit in the culture too? do some of them 'pretend'?

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