Friday, 16 March 2012

The Men's Room

News reaches me of a new little film project that's now doing the rounds of some film festivals.  The official synopsis describes the film in the following intriguing terms:

'The Men's Room is an emotionally charged short film dealing with explicit themes of male sexuality, intimacy, and the concept of public decency. When Thomas ventures into a park for a sexual encounter with a stranger, he uncovers a striking complexity composed of desire, fear, and betrayal when his would-be anonymous sex partner turns out to be a cop. The Men's Room explores the seemingly unwelcome yet enduring pastime of public sex, a world of secrecy and code lurking just below the surface of normalcy.'

It's hard to judge from just the trailer-  i'd certainly like to see the full film - but it does seem a bit arty/pained dry US drama of the type I've seen before.  The conversation in cubicles scene didn't immediately ring true although I'd like to see how they get to that point.  Moreover, it's fascinating to see that cottaging/tearooms can still be a key context in which to set a film.  Quite what that means for defining the subject I'm not sure - and is another reason as to why the film will be worth watching.

Anyway, check out the trailer and see what you make of it.

The Men's Room Trailer from Nature Show on Vimeo.

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