Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Please don't look at this rather amazing, really, please don't....

A Dad definitely NOT looking for the porn
I don't know what you were like as a child but my Mum would sometimes say "don't open x", or "don't go in x cupboard".  Inevitably this led to an overwhelming desire to do the prohibited thing.  It was with this in mind that I greeted the news from San Francisco that Junior high school students have been asked not to search Internet sex sites for a teacher who may have been moonlighting as a porn star, a Southern California school district said in a letter to parents.

This according to the San Francisco Chronicle, which states that Oxnard school district officials say a junior high school teacher was put on paid administrative leave this week after allegations surfaced that she was moonlighting as a porn actress. District officials stressed the teacher is not being accused of a crime, but they are concerned about the effect the allegations might have on the students.

So, no crime, nothing done wrong.  Officials are concerned about the impact on children who wouldn't have known (unless they were busy constantly looking at porn and happened to come upon this teacher (as it were).  A highly unlikely event.  At least it was, until parents were sent letters telling them to not search/discourage their children from searching porn videos for this teacher.  The only thing more amazing than this approach is the fact that nobody in the administrative chain thought "hang on, will this actually make matters worse, and potentially make us look rather inept?".

Check out the full bizarre story here.

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