Thursday, 7 June 2012

Jessy Lives!

I have a terrible terrible weakness for Jessy Karson (my Seth Gamble desire was ruined by him going all straight plus he was far too nice).

The retired porn performer is my idea of objectified perfection.  I was therefore particularly interested (interested as in as excited as an overly excited puppy on the puppy equivalent of a truck load of smarties soaked in extra sugar) to learn that he returned to his blog after an absence of a  couple of years and mooted on Facebook and his blog that he is considering a return to porn.

It seems from his Facebook account a bit of a half-hearted desire, and he is quick to bemoan in both forms 'the industry'.  The Canadian performer argues in a post which features him in a Treasure Island Media 'Built to Fuck' t-shirt that:

'After some bad experience with some porn company I've worked with and that I prefer not to mention.... I've came to wonder if I was really enjoying it as much I used too.... Too many porn companies are using models like they were piece I of meet and no consideration ....'

Given he was working at TIM when he had this 'revelation' we can assume that he means them.  His reluctance to name them is just as interesting.  Just what happened for him to go from a TIM exclusive (I think I'm right in stating that he was) to a retired performer?  Back in July 2011 I blogged how he had suddenly become a safer sex/condom advocate after working for the bareback company, Treasure Island Media.  In that context, these latest thoughts from Jessy (perhaps seeing if a company contacts him) are a continuation of a rather bizarre story.

It's also a reminder that whilst most 'gay' porn performers are reduced to being merely a cock, a nondescript sexual appendage, there are those - and Jackson Taylor at TIM is a good contemporary example - who achieve something beyond that.

They achieve the status of fantasy icons.  Symbols of commercial desire.   These are the men who continue to occupy our thoughts.  Their bodies inscribed in the electrical thoughts of other men's brains.  Their moans, groans and ejaculatory moments will be among those images that flash before our eyes as life ultimately leaves us.

Jessy is also a fascinating example of how this fantasy doesn't end with the porn.  We are involved in their lives during and after their porn existence.  The growing propensity of social media encourages us to interact and follow performers during their pornographic career but it also makes it ever easier to continue  following them once they cease to shoot porn movies.

This in turn leads me to wonder if anyone is ever 'done' with porn.  If they were any 'good', their lives will continue to be of interest to fans, bloggers and journalists.  Despite adopting a porn name we will know who they re in reality - as with Jessy/Jeff.  This is perhaps worth keeping in mind for anyone thinking of a career in the porn industry.  If you're good, we'll remember.  If you're bad, you won't be around long enough for anyone to recall you're brief orgasmic presence.

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