Thursday, 7 June 2012

Research Study: Nightlife, nuisance and safety in English towns/cities

Researchers at Lincoln and Kent Universities in the UK are undertaking some interesting research into lap dancing.  Here's the project description and link:

We are researchers from the Universities of Kent and Lincoln who are currently doing research on the impacts of businesses in the night-time economy. We are especially interested in the positive and negative impacts of lap dance venues, and are interested your feelings about the appropriateness of these venues in different locations. The research is sponsored by the Economic and Social Research Council, the largest supporter of academic research in the UK social sciences: the results of this research will help inform policies to ensure that UK cities at night are attractive and safe for all. This short, anonymous survey will take up no more than fifteen minutes of your time, and you will be given the opportunity to leave your details for inclusion in a prize draw. There will also be information given about how you can become more involved in the research should you wish. Link to the questionnaire.

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