Thursday, 7 June 2012

Same-Sex Marriage for Denmark

Various media outlets are reporting the news that the Danish Parliament has passed a new law enabling same-sex marriage in the country.  It's due to come into force on 15 June this year.  Interestingly, Denmark already had a system of registered partnerships in place (since 1989) so the move has similarities with any UK move to introduce same-sex marriage, given we have civil partnerships.

I get the impression that this will be religious as well s marriage ceremonies but the media reports are unclear.  GayStarNews states (in the best report on this I can find) that 'couples already in civil partnerships will automatically be granted 'married' status' which suggests that registered partnerships will be abolished as part of the move and people automatically converted to a marriage (whether they want it or not).  Far from something to welcome, this seems an unacceptable application of state power.

Hopefully in the coming days, a bit more information will come out but the brief "yay, Denmark has 'gay' marriage" perspective that seems to dominate the UK reporting fails to address the significant questions around religion (GayStarNews does touch on this) and the implications for civil unions.    It would be deeply regrettable if the UK was to simply replicate this approach, and it is even more regrettable that the LGBT media is not giving this move a little more scrutiny.

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Jake Nietchuk said...

The media is somehow misinformed. The new law in Denmark is that same sex marriages are now possible in the Danish state church. It is closely related to the fact that Denmark has a state church governed by law.

Chris Ashford said...

Thanks Jake - that's useful to hear :-)

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