Monday, 23 July 2012

Another Olympic Scandal

London Mayor, Boris Johnson, appeared in front of TV cameras yesterday to make it clear that London was ready for the Olympics (which start this Friday).  Media attention has focused on trains into the city, the ability of the Tube to cope, the availability and price of hotel rooms and whether the opening ceremony will be a wash out.

The People adds another factor into the Olympic stew of discontent.  Grindr - the popular smart phone/tablet App, euphemistically described as a 'networking tool' (i.e an easy way for men to meet other men for 'no strings' bonk-a-thons).  The site went down last week leaving its many followers able to log in and see the men available but prevented them from 'chatting' with the men.  So many men effectively told to 'look but not touch' can not be good for business.  Engineers worked 'around the clock' according to Grindr, to fix the problem.  Now we know what caused it - the Olympics.

According to the People, 'Technicians believe the arrival of Olympic teams on Monday sparked a flood of new customers – and loss of the service in East London. One Londoner said: “It happened almost as soon as the teams got here. Either loads of athletes were logging on to meet fellow Olympians or were looking to bag a local.'

So, will we see BoJo having his feet held to the fire on this one?  Come on Boris, we need capacity, all those Olympians and spectators need their comforts!

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