Monday, 9 July 2012

Birthday Blog: From the Archive Pt1

2007 saw a whole series of programmes on both the BBC and Channel Four marking forty years since the publication of the Wolfenden Report back in 1957.  This included the controversial Clapham Junction which, quite apart from the debatable political and cultural aspects, offered a rare opportunity to look at Paul Nicholls' willy.

In contemporary Britain, television is a key medium for projecting our visions of sexuality into the nations living rooms.

In November, 'mainstream' broadcasting also sought to explore contemporary sexuality, and in my view did a much better job than the 'worthy' shows that had been produced in the summer.  The popular - and really quite brilliant - BBC drama, The Street, featured a story between two working-class men.   The class dimension to sexuality is rarely discussed, and looking back on this show, I think it would just be as significant if broadcast today as it was in 2007.  Perhaps rather depressing.  Anyway, here is my post reflecting on the broadcast.

Thanks to the power of YouTube, you can also watch the episode (in 7 parts).  It begins with this video.  You can then navigate to the other clips via the options on the right hand side.  Enjoy.

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